What stumps you with your camera ? Do you want more helpful photography tips?

What stumps you with your camera ? Do you want more helpful photography  tips?

It’s time for me to start sharing some helpful photography tips on how to use your camera better.

So you have a point or shoot camera or have moved up to a fancy higher end camera but you still have no idea how to use it , or are having a hard time trouble shooting in different situations to get the great shots you had hoped buying a new camera would give you.

Well your not alone,  you have gotten caught up in the myth that a nice camera will be the answer. It’s not the camera, it’s the knowledge on how to use it properly that will give you great results.

Now here is where you come in, I need your help. Please send me your feedback on the helpful photography tips you would like me to help you out with when photographing. I will do my best to share some simple tips and show examples to help you capture those everyday family memories better.

My first  helpful photography tip is read the manuel ! I still refer back to mine now and again as it’s full of great knowledge.

Tip two, google your problem you are having with your camera. If you want to know how something works on your camera and your not a reader of manuals, just type in your brand and your issue and  you can usually find your answer in a you tube tutorial.

Tip three, Do the 365 day photo challenge. It will get you using your camera everyday and you will see your skill grow  along with your eye for capturing the subject better. You may even find out you like shooting things you didn’t think you would have an interest in.

Here is a great App you can buy to help you along with your challenge , it will give you some ideas on the days when your not feeling very creative. The app has many other features along with it to help you improve you skills.  https://www.appstore.com/noelchenier

The best part about the app, is the creator is a local photographer here in Saint John. Always support local :)

When it comes to the special milestone moments in your life, please intrust your portraits be taken by a photographer with lots of experience. Certain moments can not be recaptured. It makes me very sad to hear of stories of ” I hired a friend who had a nice camera too shoot my wedding, and we did not get one nice picture to frame “. I have heard it a million times unfortunately. Some moments are to precious to risk. Weather it be me, or another experience photographer in Saint John, please don’t miss your moments capture properly.

If you have an upcoming milestone and need a Saint John photographer, please give me a call at 638-8103 or contact me here to book soon. I would be honored to have the opportunity to share in your memories. :)

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