Wedding Photography in uptown Saint John, NB

Wedding Photography within uptown Saint John, NB


Uptown Saint John!

I really enjoy doing Wedding Photography within uptown Saint John, NB. I’m in love with the beautiful brick buildings, the historical designs and feel to the area. It’s very easy to stroll along with a wedding party and find a million different areas to photograph around. We began under the lightly misting skies to the historical Loyalist burial grounds. I like this location due to the cover of wet weather and  shelter of bright sunny days. The neutrals of the trees and surrounding building protect my clients eyes from squinting as they look at the neutral colours around them.  I enjoy the sounds of the water fountain as I work too, it’s very soothing to me. We moved around the grounds to get a great selection of images and backdrops.  Then we began our stroll along the streets of uptown.


The streets!

I have one street that always appeals to me. This day doing Wedding Photography within uptown Saint John, NB was a dream. The weather was perfect, the street was not busy, and the wedding party was so easy to work with, we had a great time. I even stepped inside an old church I had not been in before.   It was beautiful, you could see it needs some love structurally, but this wedding sure filled that church with all the love it needed during this wedding ceremony.


I knew working with Giselle and Colin was going to be a great experience. During our meetings she was very excited but very relaxed about the upcoming wedding event. They had many hands helping them out in the planning process as they lived out of the city.


They equipped themselves with the top professional vendors to help them with their day. There were zero issues; everything ran as smooth as it possibly could. All the vendors did an outstanding job on this wedding.


Please enjoy this slideshow of this great wedding day, I had a hard time narrowing it down. I’m sure the wedding couple will not mind that problem.

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