Family portrait session tips on how to prepare.

Family portrait session tips on how to prepare.


Family portrait session

I am well aware of the struggles when preparing for your family portrait session. I’m also appreciating the hard work my clients put into it.

It’s  helpful to give you a few tips on how to prepare for your session the night before as well as clothing selection guides.

*Talk with your family about your excitement for the family portrait session and how much you are looking forward to it. Building the excitement can go a long way in the attitude for the day.

*Get kids to bed early so they will be rested.


I did a blog before on how to prepare hair the night before in rags, which is very helpful for moms and girls with longer hair. The morning of you can just release the hair and its curled and beautiful. This is my biggest stress lifter the day of. You can watch that video here

*I suggest packing a bag the night before. Bring a few of your kids favorite toys, small snack and drink. Wipes for runny nose or forgotten dirty faces.

*Wash off stick on tattoos the night before.

*Schedule sessions around young children’s nap times.

*Check if nails need to be painted.

*Lay out the clothing the night before so you are not searching for anything.



Your family portrait session does not have to cost a lot. There are many local shops that offer second hand clothing.

My pick’s are “The clothes Mine” is a great new find for me in dressing my family for our sessions

I also enjoy Once upon a child for the younger kids.


How do I know what theme or style to look for?

I look at the fashion guides online for the current season and get my idea of what I like. While shopping I  find the key item that works for me first. I’m the most important after all. Lets face it, I don’t get the chance to dress up often so I take this chance to look my best.  From there I check the color wheel for complimenting colors and usually use them as accents on my children. It could be a necklace, bracelets or scarf.

I suggest:

*Wearing dark socks on everyone.

*Stay away from shirts that have logos on them.

*Try to avoid clashing patterns.

*Avoid turtlenecks.

*If you are concerned about body image please consider the proper under garments to help with your figure. Proper bras, spanks and proper outfits to flatter your body shape should always be considered.


The best advice I can give you is this. After all the effort you will be putting into your day please choose a photographer who will be able to produce the images you will treasure for always in style, quality and professionalism. Don’t trust just anyone with this important job. Enjoy the images from our family portrait sessions over the years. Wow have we grown.

Family portrait session

( Photo Credit  to Trish Manuel Photography , Miranda O’Leary Photography, Lee Cormier)


I would love the opportunity to work with you and give you images to treasure always.

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