Saint John wedding Photographer

Saint John Wedding Photographer

I was privileged enough to capture another couple of weddings this weekend. I had a great time at both, but I’ll tell you a bit more about one of them in Saint John.

I knew I had met a pretty special lady during our initial meeting in preparation for Heather’s wedding. She was a sweet girl with lots of energy and a wonderful smile. I knew she would not only be a fun bride to work with but would also be a stunning model.

Little did I know that her husband would be just as nice as her and would make me feel like I had always been around. It was a very comfortable wedding day with lots of happy moments.

The ceremony had some giggles when the rings fell to the floor, but it just made it all the more memorable.  It was even  being Skyped to friends who could not attend. Technology is great. It was a beautiful ceremony in the little church.

We had a quick formals session afterwards then headed off to the party. The reception hall was breathtaking. I have never seen anything like it in all my years of weddings. It definitely set the tone for a great evening.

The evening ended for me after Heather and Brad sent off their wish lantern in to the sky. Soon the guests released 70 other lanterns behind theirs. It was very hard not to enjoy the sight as it was simply the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

I must say this wedding was a success and went off with out any issues. I know our newly married couple will have a great life together, with many loving friends and family to support them along the way.

Thanks guys for having me be part of your wedding day. Enjoy your samples from the day.


If you have a wedding in the near future contact me (a Saint John Wedding Photographer who loves weddings :-) to see what I can do for you.


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