Get in the pictures.

Get in the pictures

Get in the pictures.

Parents, please get in the pictures with your children. Portraits are always part of my Newborn sessions. If you decline, I always try to encourage you to take hold of this opportunity.

Most new moms are not feeling so great about their self-image after having a baby. I promise there is no need to worry about anything with me behind the camera. I am very good at flattering any women’s figure with my years of knowledge with angles, lighting, Focal length and positioning.

You can also see in this video that I am very hand’s on with directing, these little movements are key to the perfect portraits.

I have always had moms choose an image of themselves with their baby at the ordering session. I know you will be happy. So do your hair and make up, or bring it along and get ready while I do some newborn individuals. Please just get in the pictures.

Enjoy the video of me at work, I know you will love this one!

WATCH ME WORK! Enjoy this touching video of Mom ,Dad & Baby

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