Newborn photographer in Saint John.

Newborn photographer in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

 Being a  professional newborn photographer Saint John, New Brunswick means so much to me.

This thrills me that you have taken the time to look at my work,  that you would consider booking me for your newborn session. I can’t wait to get to know you and learn more about your baby’s arrival.

For now, though, I want to start out by sharing a little about what it means to be a Miranda O’Leary Photography newborn.

Nothing that pleases me more then to snuggle a new baby only a few days old. I take great pride in the fact I am selected to create memories that within a few short weeks has past by.

The newborn so small, sleepy and smelling so new is like no other. I have had the greatest experiences this past few months with newborns coming into the studio.

Newborn safety is my primary concern.

I have honed my techniques for safe newborn portraits. Newborn photography has seen a surge in the last few years, with photographers entering the field who are not experienced enough in posing newborns safely nor aware of the techniques used to achieve our newborn images. It is very common for these photographers to put newborns in compromising situations and at risk. That is not what happens in my studio. I have many years and training behind me for newborn safety, as well as 5 children of my own.

Please meet little Miss Miranda. Yes, they named her after me. Well I like to think so.

This beautiful family has melted my heart, and I will now call friends forever


Newborn Photographer Saint JohnNewborn Photographer Saint John Newborn Photographer Saint John Newborn Photographer Saint John Newborn Photographer Saint John Newborn Photographer Saint John Newborn Photographer Saint JohnReady to book?

Perfect! I like to work with newborns between the ages of 5-10 days along. This is the best time to capture the sleepy stage for best posing and settling. Let me know and I will send over my tips on how to prepare for the session and how to send the retainer.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer Saint John , NB who is very skilled in creating beautiful portraits of your newborn baby in a safe and professional environment, please contact me at:

Miranda O’Leary Photography

[email protected]  (506)638-8103




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