Busy boys in my life.

Busy boys in my life.

Now that the busy season is coming too a end. I am planning on continuing my personal blogging for my own memories over the past few months. Hoping to help me reflect on how fun these days can be, along with how quickly they are flying by.  My goal over the past few months was to use my camera not only on my clients sessions, but to be active with my camera in my home. I encourage you to put your camera on your counter for quick access to capture all the great memories happening in front of you with your little ones.

I’m really hoping writing and putting these blogs together will keep me be more in focus with how great these days actually are, even though I will admit I do wish most of them away for the pleasure of nap time. These are the best years of my life , but my memory from lack of sleep may not let me remember them.

This blog is dedicated to follow the leader. The boys were really in the watching and learning stage here. Everything big brother did they wanted to try. The only thing was, they were not quite skilled for this level of adventure most of the time. We experienced lots of bumps and bruises. As a result we removed all the chairs and toys from the living space that were push able. Yep, no kitchen chairs in our house for the past few months.  They climbed on the counters, on tables, over gates, on top of shelving units. It was done in the blink of an eye. They were smarter then I was giving them credit for. Their three little minds were working together to fit all the puzzles together to make it happen. I fear this is just the beginning.


First steps













Right into follow the leader on the window sills















Climbing on box’s to get over baby gates












I wonder who they are learning all this climbing from?












Who made couch cushions for couches anyway, they are made for dragons?












So many spitting games, my floors looked really wonderful during this stage. The twins followed this game very fast.












Boxes are the best toys ever, save your money and buy them instead of toys















They even make cheap walkers.















Love the smiles he gives when big brother is around acting silly for him.















My shy boy.
















Not sure he added enough bath toys today.
















Its hard when one gets left out of the playtime. They have picked who they like to play with most at this stage, and this little guy usually sits on the sidelines. It’s sad to see, hoping it changes as they grow.


























 Playing together and learning from each other comes with challenges but for the most part its been great to watch the bonds they are creating.
























Again this personal blog is more for me then anything, its not about capturing the perfect professional picture. I hope you enjoy it though.


Miranda O’Leary


  1. Karen Vickers on January 25, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Thank you for sharing your stories! It’s very refreshing after a crazy busy day especially knowing that I am not alone; Lol I am not the I my one that struggles with balancing all that life has to offer :)

  2. Miranda on January 25, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoy reading them :)

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