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Had an amazing boudoir session with you, Miranda. I felt incredibly comfortable and sexy. It took a lot of courage for me to do it and I thank you for everything. My husband loved the photos.  ~ Angela

There is nothing I can say that already hadn't been said! You go way beyond in your service and the quality of your work is as well!    ~ Sheila

Amazing photographer! Has awesome ideas for unique photos  ~ Cecilia

Saint John Boudoir Photography Session

Miranda uses private photo labs to protect the privacy of your boudoir images and does not display any of your boudoir photos without expressed permission from you!


Shooting Boudoir Photography in Saint John...

As a boudoir photographer in a conservative town like Saint John New Brunswick, one may expect there wouldn't be much interest.  Saint John women, however, are a vibrant, fun...and foxy bunch :-)  Boudoir photography is sometimes referred to as 'glamour photography' or 'fashion photography' or 'pin-up photography'.  Whatever you choose to call it, it's lots of fun!

There's a misconception that you have to remove a lot of your clothes to be sexy but there's something to be said about wearing sexy clothes and leaving a bit to the imagination. Fully clothed and covered boudoir sessions work just fine too!  It's completely up to you.

I am  a master at setting people at ease to get the best, most comfortable experience during a photo shoot.  This can be the most important trait your photographer has to make your session a great experience and get some great photos.  No matter what you think of your body, you are beautiful! I know how to make the camera flatter and provide glamor photos that your husband or partner will love.

More importantly, I want to provide a boudoir photography experience and glamorous photos that YOU will look at and love the way you look in them.  Most of us in today's society, bombarded with  fashion photography and glamor from Hollywood, don't feel very good about our appearance.

I would like to change Saint John boudoir photography session at a time!

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of glamour photography and don't know where to start, what to wear, or what to bring with you, don't worry, I am more than happy to talk with you and coach you through the process before you ever decide whether or not you want to actually come in for a boudoir session in the first place. Call me at 506-638-8103 to ask a few questions!  (or contact by email here)

You want something to wear or bring things that you are comfortable with and feel good about...the more comfortable you are, the better the shoot will turn out.  You can bring something that is connected to your partner like his safety hat or a jacket with his favorite team logo, or you can choose a theme and go with it...the possibilities are as big as your imagination.  I am  great at helping you stimulate that imagination.

As an experienced boudoir photographer in Saint John, I am ready to make you feel glamorous and impress your partner with a photo shoot neither of you will soon forget...

Give me a call at 506-638-8103 and book your session today!  (Email Contact Here)