Wedding planning for rain with Miranda O’Leary Photography

Wedding planning for rain with Miranda O’Leary Photography

Once you start planning your wedding day many brides are hopeful for perfect weather.  Wedding planning for rain is not on their mind. The bride’s idea of perfect weather and a photographers idea of perfect weather are usually two different things. Photographers have to consider natural light sources, wind, locations, and heaven forbid heavy rain.

Well, this season is starting of as a wet one and I have come to realize rain on a wedding day can make for some amazing portraits if the bride and groom are up for a few minutes of running outside. With my handy assistant Kathleen by my side holding umbrellas over the couples, it goes fast and ends with great results. Also, rain in the morning usually means a break in the afternoon. So, brides, try not to worry about rain on your wedding day as they say it’s good luck and there are lots of great back up locations around Saint John .

In the early stages of planning with my bride and groom, I always discuss back up plans for alternate locations due to wedding planning for rain on their special day. It’s a must to have this set to ensure the day runs without a hitch and that family and friends are comfortable during the formal session.

This fun and spunky bride and groom were up for some adventure and were more then willing to run out for a few shots in the rain.  I really really enjoyed this couple. I love how much they loved each other and their little baby.  I could feel their personalities coming though in every part of the day they planned. It was very calm, fun, and care free.  Thanks for letting me enjoy this wonderful day with you both!

If you have a wedding in the near future, call me to set up an appointment to discuss your photography needs. Don’t worry, we’ll definately be talking about wedding planning for rain!



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