Valentine’s Boudoir Photo Session with Saint John Photographer Miranda O’Leary

Book Your Valentine’s Boudoir Photo Session with Saint John Photographer Miranda O’Leary

Are you looking for a great gift for your man for Valentine’s Day?  I am now booking boudoir photo sessions in Saint John to get a jump on Valentine’s Day…and I’m looking forward to it because theyre a lot of fun!

Boudoir is a French word that translates into a woman’s private sitting room.  Or, in other words, her bedroom.  A boudoir session can be used to reveal a woman’s sensual beauty.

With the right photographer a Valentine’s or boudoir photo session can be fun, sweet, and sexy…and can reveal a little about your personality and your relationship with your man.  You could wear his favourite sports team jersey or his tool belt, something sexy he gave you for Christmas, or even his guitar like you see in the photo above. The possibilities are endless!

For a photographer there are few things more rewarding then helping a woman discover her inner and outer beauty through portraits.  Whether you are a size 2 or a size 20, I can help capture your beauty to give as a gift to your man, or even just for yourself.

I’ll work with you regarding how to dress and what you are comfortable with.  One of my mottos is that I can get the best photos when my subjects are comfortable and enjoying the photo shoot just as much as they will enjoy the end result…so don’t be nervous.  We’ll have a relaxed and fun shoot.

Give me a call and come give a Saint John Valentine’s Boudoir Photo Session a try.  You’ll love it…and he’ll love it too!

See you in the studio :-)



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