What is a “Trash The Dress” Session?

Trash Your Wedding Dress With Miranda in Saint John!

Has the thought of rolling around in the mud in your wedding dress ever crossed your mind? Who wouldn’t enjoy totally trashing their wedding dress? Go ahead, you know you want to. Chances are your daughter is not going to wear it in 20 years. You can either stuff in in your closet wrapped in plastic, or you can throw it on and model it with your husband in a collection of fun and unique portraits. What a fabulous addition to your wedding album.

If you totally don’t want to go to the extreme with your ‘Trash the Dress’ session, you can still pull it on and share some special time with your spouse and capture some fun moments. You don’t have to totally trash the dress, you can be somewhat careful with it but still get some great shots.

Perhaps you are no longer with that once special someone. A fashion session with Saint John photographer Miranda O’Leary could be a very cathartic experience. A great showcase for your friends when you hold that Divorce Party…

Were you unsatisfied with your original wedding portraits? Did it rain? This is a great opportunity to recapture those moments and get those shots you always wanted.

Call me…there’s nothing I’d like better than to help you trash your dress :-)


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