Saint John Wedding with Miranda O’Leary Photography

A Saint John Wedding with Miranda O’Leary Photography

The Saint John wedding season is keeping me super busy.  With about two weddings per weekend I’m really in a wedding zone.

I have met so many wonderful couples already and love telling about all the fun we have during the wedding day events.

This Saint John wedding was not an exception. It started off with me seeing a gorgeous bride waiting for my arrival so she could begin putting on the most special dress she will ever wear. She looked amazing and the smile didn’t leave her face.

This couple decided to go against tradition in regards to waiting until the ceremony to see each other. The decided they didn’t want a big gap between ceremony and reception so they had a first glance session earlier in the day.

The first glance is set up so the bride and groom still get the impact with all the emotions of the moment when they see each other for the first time. It’s private and always very special. I had the bride walk up to her groom who had his back turned away from her until she tapped him on the shoulder. They turned and had so much happiness fill their faces. It was wonderful to capture.

We finished up their formals and then the family arrived for their portraits. Then off we went to the ceremony.

The father of the bride looked so proud walking her down the aisle. The groom was still full of joy as he watched her walk towards him for the second time that day. It was a beautiful ceremony with wonderful music being sung by family members.

The reception for this Saint John wedding was held at the Delta. They really know how to run a great event. Everything went smooth as could be. Some funny speeches were given about one guy named Matt… wait, Don, or was it Dino. I can’t remember what his real name was but for those who were there I’m sure they all call him something.  :)

Thank you Mare and Matt for letting me share in your day. Enjoy the Samples.

If you have an upcoming wedding and need a Saint John wedding photographer, please contact me to see if I’m right for you. After all, I love being in the wedding zone:)


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