Saint John Baby Photographer: Be Prepared!

Saint John Baby Photographer Preparing for Your Bundle’s Photo Session.

So, your big day is here. You are having your baby’s photos done for the first time.  You are probably anxious and not sure what to expect.  Being a baby photographer in Saint John has always been part of my business.  After 8 years of experience behind the camera capturing the wonder and beauty of your baby in their first days and weeks,  I had to develop a pretty good idea about what to expect!

Sometimes it’s a matter of ‘expecting the unexpected’ but if you are prepared and have the experience, a baby photographer can usually get at least a few great shots no matter what kind of day your little one is having.

I’ve got many props to choose from and have them readily available to switch up during the shoot.  Hats, baskets, vintage hair clips, miniature log beds, bowls, and much more are at my disposal to ensure we capture lots of great shots…but the biggest tool at my disposal is my patience.  Like I already mentioned, I’ve come to learn that the thing you can expect the most is that unexpected things will happen.  Patience is key for any baby photographer as they work to capture those precious moments.

Stay tuned next week for footage of actual sessions of a Saint John baby photographer hard at work :)

* It’s ready! You can see the full post at ==> Baby Photographer in Saint John), but we posted the video here for you too:

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And if you have a baby on the way, don’t hesitate to give me a call so we can make sure we book an appointment at the right time to make sure your baby pictures are the best that they can be!  506-638-8103.

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