Quispamsis Photographer Goes on Vacation…

A Quispamsis Area Photographer’s ‘Working’ Vacation…

Everyone needs a little vacation sometimes, but for me there is no better spot to hang out then my favourite little hidden gem in rural Saint John, not far from Quispamsis. I love my home and my property. I could not ask for more. I know I’m very blessed.

When I try to take some time off from work it never really works. I end up using that time to try out new ideas and techniques.  Without much of a slow time during the warm months I rely on some of my favourite models who are also some of my biggest fans…and not only because I’m the best aunt in the world.  haha.

I have trained them all since birth and are really the true inspiration for why I became  a Photographer in Saint John.   I think spending time with your family is key and I was willing to take any risk to make it happen.  Lucky for me it has worked out better then I ever could have imagined.

So my vacation time is their time for photo sessions. We always have lots of fun during their shoots and this is only part one of their sessions.  I thought I’d share with you so you can see a little how I work in my outdoor photography studio. I know they will be really happy I finally got this up. Now I’m sure I’ll start getting bugged to finished up the second set of their shoot at my rusty old abandoned car.  :)

Thanks ladies for being some of the best models around!

You know you’d be a great model for a photographer in Quispamsis, Saint John, or anywhere else for that matter…so give me a call and we’ll get some fun shots of you too :)   506-638-8103


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  1. Kristy on November 3, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Great video Miranda….I think the only way any of us really get a vacation is when we go South :) Otherwise, there is always laundry to clean, food to cook and a house to clean!

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