Photographing Outside with Saint John Photographer Miranda O’Leary

Photographing outsidePhotographing Outside with Saint John Photographer Miranda O’Leary.

Well after a pretty easy winter weather wise,  I have finally started to venture out of my indoor studio and have once again begun photographing outside. Gosh did I ever miss the outside.

I enjoy indoor studio work but I’m in love with nature and all it offers me when photographing outside. Each time I go out my environment changes. Whether it be lighting, new flowers popping up or trees getting greener. I love all it offers.

The smell of the outside always puts me in my most creative mind and makes me feel like I’m not even working at all.  I even find time to  take a few photographs for myself. I love flowers, the birds coming back the ripples in the lake.

I have been busy getting my outside studio ready over the past few weeks. Prepping the gardens , clearing the paths, cleaning up broken trees, and repairing some of the fencing along the studio stations. Lots of work but with a few extra gardens added last year I have to be on my toes.

I’d love to have  you over to photograph you in the outside studio with all the beauty it brings, so drop me a line to set up a time. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of my “just for me” pictures from around the yard.

Miranda O’Leary


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