My family portraits are now on my walls, are yours?

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My family portraits are now on my walls, are yours?

I started a big kitchen Reno this summer & with my busy household, I am happy to say it is now complete. The final touch was with a beautiful round 60 cm photo block of my adorable family portrait.

I had a vision of how this family portrait would look up in its place, but I was full of emotion when it arrived and seen how perfect it really was.

I have our family’s portraits done each year. It’s something I save up for, much like my vacation fund. I value it so much.

I have not had any new images up of my family in four years, as I have loved past ones so much. But when the boys asked where they were I knew it was time.  Oh my gosh, it is so adorable watching them look at themselves and call out everyone’s name as they look at them. I can tell they enjoy seeing us a family unit.

This is one of the best investments I do during the year. Having these memories for me is a great feeling.

I would really love to see how you display your family’s portraits in your home. Send me a picture.

Here is my reaction to opening up this piece and you get to see it close up.

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There are some new videos going up this year, with little funny glimpses into my life of a family of seven. It’s my husband’s creative project.

Also on a side note : The winner of the free portrait session was drawn in January from my subscribers list, the lucky winner has accepted her winnings.

Enjoy this video and look for my husbands first family released video. It involves my cat haha


Come on by, & let me capture memories as perfect as this for you.

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