How a wedding day plays out with Miranda O’Leary Photography

How a wedding day plays out with Miranda O’Leary Photography

Are you curious about how Miranda O’Leary Photography plans out a wedding day? Well, let me share a little from behind the scenes of this amazing wedding.

Wedding planning with your photographer all begins months, but usually 1 – 2 years, before the wedding date. I meet with the bride and groom to see if we are the right match.  I will be spending a full day with the couple so a good relationship that is comfortable for me, as well as the couple, is an important part of the process.  I want them to feel like they can be themselves when they are with me so that their true personalities will show through in the portraits. We discuss locations, timelines, go over questions the couple has for me, and then proceed with booking.

I find connecting with clients on Facebook helps us get to know each other over the planning months. So when I arrive the morning of the wedding day we feel like we already know each other and it relieves some of the stress for both of us.

I arrived in the early afternoon with Lyndsay to see her big beautiful smile greet me at the door. She was ready to get started. We did some “getting-ready” portraits along with a few formals of the girls before a walk down the aisle.

We arrived at the church with light showers. Her groom awaiting her arrival, with anticipation on his face, at the front of the alter. I saw his face as he laid eyes on her and I could tell how much he truly adored this women walking to meet him.

The smile didn’t leave their faces until a huge downpour happened during the ceremony. I knew how badly she wanted outside pictures. Inside I was happy thinking to myself, “Better it happen now and get it over with then during the formals.” The ceremony was very nice.

Lyndsay had planned a wonderful backup location in case of rain so I knew we would stay dry. But, like I had predicted it let up for a while and the sun came out. I was very excited to shoot the couple session. I could tell they had much love for each other and I hoped it would show through in the portraits, and it did. The rain started back up a little towards the end but they let me have a few more shots of them before we took off towards the beautiful reception.

There is so much to plan with your photographer on your wedding day. Be sure to start early as an experienced photographer may be able to help with some planning ideas along the way. They may also help you understand how a wedding day plays out with regards to time frames of ceremonies, receiving lines, drive times, location changes, family portraits lists, formal outside locations and backup locations, the best reception spots, and so much more. I have seen it all and will always steer my brides in the right direction to make sure they have the best vendors and top notch service.

I loved working with this couple and I really hope to see them again over the years.

If you have a wedding day coming up and are ready to start planning, be sure to give me a call to see if we would make a good team. I would love to be the one to capture the memories you will have for years to come.



  1. Teresa Bogle on July 7, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    We were very happy with you as a photographer, Miranda. Great Job!

    • Miranda on July 31, 2012 at 11:16 pm

      Thanks Teresa, I had such a great day. You guys were all so amazing to be around!

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