Family Photos: How Should I Dress?

Family Photos in Saint John

How To Dress For Your Family Photos in Saint John.

Having family photos taken provides you with documentation of a particular time in your family’s history. Your photos should reflect your group dynamic and your lifestyle. To ensure this reflection is accurate you should put some thought into how your family is dressed for your session:

• Coordinate your outfits – Your outfits should compliment each other in both style and color. They don’t all necessarily have to match, but should make sense together. If dad wears a suit and your son wears shorts and a t-shirt, your photo may seem unbalanced and also poorly planned.

• Pick appropriate clothes for your setting – An outdoor family photo lends itself to more casual clothing like jeans and sweaters. A family photo taken in a studio can lend itself to more formal attire. Plan your clothing appropriately.

• Pick solid colors and subtle patterns – Things like polka dots and bold stripes can draw attention away from the subjects of your family photos. A mix of patterns may clash and reduce the quality of your portrait.

• Wear colors that translate well – Dark colors and earth tones look nice in an outdoor setting. White clothing can get lost against a white backdrop. Bright shades of pink, orange, and yellow can alter your skin tones and are not recommended.

• Make sure to clean and iron all your clothing before the shoot – If you know your shirt wrinkles easily, change into it just before the shoot to ensure it is wrinkle free. Perhaps you could have some wrinkle release spray on hand to ensure your wrinkles don’t become something your regret. If your child has a habit of getting dirty in a hurry, you may want to bring a few outfits to ensure you are completely happy with the state of their clothes in your photos.

Putting some thought into your attire will ensure you are happy with your family photos for years to come.

My family brings me the greatest joy in my life, and I know yours does too, so enjoy them!  And if you want some Family Photos in Saint John, give me a call and book a time so we can capture some memories together!


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