A photography tip on outdoor lighting

A photography tip on outdoor lighting.
I think its time for a blog post on photography tips, with a few examples.
Outdoor lighting, at the best of times, can be tricky.  Lighting can change from minute to minute as the clouds go by.
One of my biggest pet peeves are pockets of light coming through trees on the subject.  It leaves the face unevenly lit.   The sun direction can also change causing shadows.  Next time you are out photographing keep your eyes open for this. You will see how fast you can correct this with simple movements of the subject. I’ll be using some samples from a few years ago when I was starting to learn about watching the light.
Example one:
You are shooting at mid-afternoon and the sun is at its highest. Not the best time to photograph but you can work with it.
The sun is coming straight down which can cause dark shadows under the eyes and under the nose. Like this example:

photography issue tips



Ways to correct this would be to:
A. Use a reflector, or something white, placed right under the  the subject to bounce light back up and soften the shadows. You can use a piece of bristle board for this, no need to go buy a reflector.
B. Pop up your flash to fill in the shadows.
C. Move your subject into a more shaded area.
D. Shoot in the snow. Snow is your biggest soft box, you can create the most amazing portraits in the snow.





I always prefer to have my subjects with their back to the sun and expose from there. This will help with spots of light on their face. I always use manual. Its great to learn your manual mode if you want to have amazing images. You are in control.

Here is an example of how just a simple movement can fix the gross burst of sun hitting the face.  It just takes a second to direct your subject for best lighting.

See the light hitting the nose.


photography issue tips













With a little turn of the head it is gone and you can enjoy a much better image with no distractions.


photography issue tips













In this image you ca see how the sun just behind them over the shoulder can create a beautiful hair light. A hair light will separate your subject from the back drop leaving your images more eye catching.


Saint John New Brunswick Wedding Photographer












If there is something you are struggling with in your photography please send it along and it could end up my next blog post.

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