A day in the life of a wedding photographer.

Here is a peek into the day in my life as a wedding photographer.
After more than a year of planning their big wedding day it finally arrived. Mind you, not without  an emergency room visit the night before and an over night stay in one of the biggest buildings in  Saint John.  Also, add in a few drowsy meds to help this lovely bride get over a little food poisoning. I can laugh about it now. I hope she can too.

I will not lie…I was a little nervous when I arrived not knowing if she was going to make it through the entire day. But she is a trooper and she pushed through. She was amazing!  I have never seen a couple so supportive of each other and more in love. He cared for her like a man should. It makes me so happy she found true love and that they choose me to be their wedding photographer on this special day.

I was full of emotion, as I sometimes get at weddings  I was trying to hold back tears as she walked up the aisle to meet the man of her dreams. The ceremony was  perfect with their true emotions showing through.  Then the craziness began at the formals where we met another photographer (Trish Manuel) for a very memorable dance-off. Bridal party against bridal party to the tune of “Beat it”. I love when wedding parties are up for a good time and just want to have fun.

With the help of a second shooter, wedding photographer Sheldon Parson, we were able to capture all the wedding day memories of this fabulous day. This is one wedding day I will never forget.

P.S Thanks for throwing  a 7th anniversary party for me & Scottie  :)




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